Aisha Noel is strongly influenced by the community, culture and sounds of her hometown. Even as a young child, she was drawn to music. Her father, being a musician himself exposed her to a musical atmosphere from a young age, ensuring that she took piano lessons. As a result, Aisha Noel truly understands the power of sound and performs music that speaks to fans across the musical spectrum. Her signature style is instantly recognizable as she fuses Pop, Soca and Caribbean sounds and hers is becoming a sound that others are beginning to emulate. Aisha Noel has invested time as an advocate for public education and believes education is important for children and young adults to have a positive future and for the betterment of communities all over the world. The artist is also keen on encouraging and empowering young female artists like herself to being the best versions of themselves. Her songwriting credits include, Machel Montano “Private Party” and Nailah Blackman “Trouble Wine”.